Top 8 DIY craft ideas and projects to do this summer

DIY craft ideas and projects feature image
DIY craft ideas and projects

Isn’t DIY a trendsetting game these days?
Oh, don’t tell me you don’t know DIY …duhh its do it yourself, people! So this summers when the sun is no mood to spare us, let us take a chill pill at our homes and indulge ourselves in these super simple and beautiful DIY craft ideas and projects.

1) Dreamcatchers

DIY craft ideas and projects displaying dream catcher art
Dreamcatcher: DIY craft ideas and projects

You need no more than:

  • a metal ring,
  • threads, and
  • few feathers

to make this gorgeous looking meshwork
which is believed to catch all your negativities.

So, this idea, full of positivity makes its way to top the list of DIY craft ideas and projects.

2) Bottle lamps

DIY craft ideas and projects for bottle lamps and designs
Bottle lamps: DIY craft ideas and projects

Is there a better way to put all those lovely glass bottles of beer to use?

All you need is some fairy lights and obviously some creativity to play with.

  • If you have a colored bottle, you can just put lights in it, and you are ready to go.
  • Another awesome way is to use your old nail paints and markers to make some graffiti on your lamps.
  • Did you know, your boot polish is so useful? Just put surgical tapes in a random manner and put boot polish with brush…voila, your lamp is ready.

Yes, guys, this idea will surely impress your demand of DIY craft ideas and projects for this summer. Just give it a try and enjoy watching your room turning into a dreamy land.

3) Glow mason jars

DIY craft ideas and projects displaying lights in Glowing Mason Jars
Glow Mason Jars: DIY craft ideas and projects

All those honey and coffee pots which you don’t feel like throwing..well, we have found a way to use them…
Bring out the kid in you and get going with sparkles and glass colors.
You can even paste pictures on it and gift it to your loved one.

Put in some fairy lights and yay you are now the creator of a DIY mason glow jar.


4) Inspire Yourself Quotes 

DIY craft ideas and projects to make self inspiring quotes
Quote Arts: DIY craft ideas and projects

Yes, honey..we all need some inspiration and won’t it work better if we have written it by ourself?

  • Step 1: Take some colorful sheets of paper and
  • Step 2: Let the thoughts flow.
  • Step 3: You can paste them on cardboards and make a sling to hang them.

P.SI know we don’t know calligraphy….shhhh, so that’s when Google comes to help …wink wink

5) Boho hanging and key chains

DIY craft ideas and projects for hanging chains
Boho hanging and key chains: DIY craft ideas and projects

Oh, don’t tell me you don’t love all those funky, colorful boho things….if the answer is yes let us bring some to ourselves…incredibly simple to do.

All you need is:

  • Threads,
  • beads and
  • some frames.

You can hang these babies on your your study tables..on walls.
You can even put a keychain loop and make your keychain.

6) Origami butterflies and birds

DIY craft ideas and projects for wall art
Origami butterflies and birds: DIY craft ideas and projects P.C: Red tape art

Remember we all adored Konkana’s room in “Wake up Sid” movie?
A perfect way to add some coolness to your rooms.

  • Step 1: With just Colored sheets of paper
  • Step 2: A pair of scissors and glue.

You can make butterflies ..birds bunnies whatever you wish in various colors and paste them on a string of thread or wall.

Aaaah!! Yes, I know you went to school days.
Isn’t this DIY thing fun?

7) Socks bunnies 

DIY craft ideas and projects for socks bunnies
Socks Bunnies: DIY craft ideas and projects

Is it just me who loses one sock or you do it too?
Those pretty colorful socks you bought ..let us make bunnies out of them to adorn your bookshelves, side tables even working areas.
You can use your waste clothes to stuff these bunnies.

8) Bookmarks 

DIY craft ideas and projects for making bookmarks
BookmarksDIY craft ideas and projects

Yes yes, I know we need cute things to put in our books and also to flaunt on Instagram. So we have these fantastic DIY bookmark ideas to satisfy the bookworm in you.

  • Step 1: Take out a print out of your dream places like Eiffel Tower and
  • Step 2: Paste the cut-out on a popsicle stick.
  • Step 2.a: You can tie a thread to a beautiful colored feather and put in beads.
  • Step 2.b: Or what about your favorite tv series quotes…you can write them too.

So, readers, these were some of the most interesting and easy DIY craft ideas and projects that you can try this summer and make some beauties out of wastes.

Did you like our DIY craft ideas and projects or you have some suggestions for us?
Do let us know in the comment section below. We would love to hear some words from you.

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