Farmers Protest Delhi: The Police use tear gas and water cannons to dissolve a protest by farmers.

Indian police have used tear gas and water cannons on Tuesday to stop and dissolve a march of thousands of farmers who were heading to the capital, New Delhi, to demand better prices for their products.

More than 50,000 farmers in the state of Uttar Pradesh, in the north of the country and the main producer of wheat and cane, have blocked the main highway to the capital.

Farmers have been hit by falling prices, so they demand exemptions in loans, cheaper energy and stronger actions for sugar mills to pay their arrears for their cane, while discontent in rural areas he becomes angry with the prime minister, Narendra Modi, who will face a tough general election next year.

“Despite our repeated requests, the government has not helped the farmers in any meaningful way,” Dharmendra Malik, one of the leaders of the protest, told Reuters from the site. “Without another choice, we have decided to go to New Delhi to highlight our suffering,” he added.

The sugar companies owe the farmers about 135,000 million rupees (1,900 million dollars) this season. Overwhelmed by the amount of sugar and falling prices, they argue that they can not pay on time.

Television networks have shown images of angry farmers clashing with the police and crashing their tractors against security barriers, in a protest that has disrupted traffic during peak hours.

Some farmers have been injured after police have used tear gas and a water cannon to prevent protesters from breaking through the barricades to reach New Delhi, scene of events to commemorate the birth of Mahatma Gandhi.

Farmers began their march to the city late on Monday, causing authorities to ban concentrations of more than four people.

The Indian Police use tear gas and water cannons to dissolve a protest by farmers

The government has allowed the police to “brutally beat” the farmers, denounced the opposition party of Congress, which governed India for much of its 70 years since independence. “Can not Indian farmers come and tell their deep suffering to their own government?” Asked the party’s spokesman, Randeep Singh Surjewala.


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