14 fetuses found in a pond. Police says “medical waste”


Authorities in India recovered the remains of 14 fetuses in a plastic bag in a pond in the eastern city of Kolkata on Sunday, according to an official source. “While cleaning the pond, a worker found a body and began to scream, then all the people who worked there came to the place and saw that many packages had been thrown in the area,” said a local police source who requested anonymity.

When the security forces arrived in the Haridevpur area, where the event took place, they recovered a total of 14 fetuses from a plastic bag, according to the source, who pointed out that they were not “developed” babies. “They would have between five and six months,” he added.

The source did not specify the sex of the fetuses, in a country where the preference for the child, which perpetuates the lineage, inherits the property and takes care of their parents in old age, is notorious, while, in the case of girls, the parents must pay a large dowry to the groom’s family.

According to a study published in 2011 by the medical journal The Lancet, in the last three decades, there have been 12 million selective abortions of female fetuses in India. Half of these selective abortions occurred in the last ten years when there has been a greater generalization of techniques to know in advance the sex of the fetus.

However, the Indian Police already clarified on Monday that the alleged 14 fetuses were in fact “medical waste,” as proved by examinations carried out by health personnel.

Peter Sengupta, Assistant Deputy Inspector of the Haridevpur Police Station, in charge of the place where the event took place, explained that a group of doctors examined the remains and found no trace of “human tissues” in them.

It is “medical waste,” including compresses and used feminine hygiene products, he clarified, although several sources from the local Administration and the Police confirmed on Sunday the discovery of 14 fetuses inside a plastic bag in the Haridevpur area.


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