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Getting New Pet? Then See Where These Pet Store Puppies Are Coming From

I Bet, if any of the pet buyers see this video, they will have to give a second thought before visiting a pet store.
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What Not To Buy? Pet Store Puppies!

The Reality of Puppy Mills

What The People Working In Pet Stores Are Saying:

I worked in a place like this as a young adult. I was horrified. I stayed long enough to report them to everyone I could before quitting. It was disgusting. Looked shiny and lovely from outside…nobody knew the horror on the other side. Changed my entire outlook and still brings back horrible memories 20 years later.Tiffany Liles

I worked in a place like this too and I was uneducated before working there and I had to quit on the spot, I couldn’t take it. I actually felt so guilty after quitting because I was worried about pups there and how they would be cared for. Most employees I’ve known felt bad leaving the dogs and stayed at the company to do the best they can to care for them, because who else would? Horrible….horrible… – Michaela Penner 

This genuinely makes my stomach turn. I hate how people can be so oblivious and can only see what’s in front of them, never the bigger picture of what they’re looking at represents. The first time I went into a dog store at the age of 7, I literally asked myself, “what did it take for these dogs to get here…?” But grown men and women see a cute dog in a store and see only that. Of course, they’re innocent furbabies in all of this but even I knew that adopting was the right thing to do. You just feel so much better knowing you’ve actually made a difference in the world, you know? – Simone Smith

Is Their Conclusion For This?

Ya, We are all seeing many stray dogs living in the country, And all of them are living in a very poor miserable conditions, And most of them are with broken legs and broken limbs, And most of the stray dogs, pets are even killed by the governments as if those innocents have no right to live, Most of those pets are starving along the roads for water and food, they have no shelter, they have to just survive in hard summer, cold season and even in heavy rainy seasons. Most of the stray pets babies get died in the first 15 days because of starving, accidents and heavy injuries.

So can we change this scenario? Can we as a human being, well civilized, bring the difference in their living standard?
The answer is, Yes, we can, by adopting those little, sweet furries and giving them a chance to live a better life.

Why It is required to adopt stray Pet?

  1. Soscenarioeople are buying breeds, but you know how their are generated, the breed mother is abused heavily and many many times, And many mothers are forced to spend their entire life in cages, because pet stores just use them to deliver babies, And they are forced to live in very miserable conditions which make them very sick and poor. The Most of these mothers don’t even get a chance to see the sunlight in their entire life time. Just digg up in a room behind those cages.

2. Breeds are created for business, You can easily see, there are plenty of abounded stray pets living in a country across the streets, around your home, behind your doors, etc, they just need a home, so why we have the need to buy a breed from store, the store guys just make you think like breeds are stronger and smart, but they actually, are not when compared to the stray pets. It’s just the difference that is created by human to differentiate between pets that are for sale and the other from the unfortunate side of pets.

3. Even Studies says that stay pets are actually stronger then breeds, they have good immune power then breeds, they are even more smarter then breeds. That why they are surviving even in such poor conditions and with no shelter, And if you do research over the internet, you will also find many great stories of stray pets, which provide their strength as a help to the military.

4. So its not ethical to call your self as a good human and pet lover, when you already letting those starving pets out side, and getting new one, by taking miserable of one sick mother dog which is using for business. So we can be a good human and make this world a better place by doing this.



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