Why is it so hard to find friends who aren’t fake?


It was a beautiful shining morning. I was as sweet as a cute baby, hanging his bag on shoulder, going to my school for the first time.I can clearly remember and recall that sight.

As my parents departed from the main gate of the school, I was left with only one known thing.

That was my school bag, which my parents gave me. Rest everything that surrounds, where, as unknown as an alien.

Tears were dropping down, the melody of my musical crying was swinging synchronously with my other strange aliens. Yes, my new school mates were aliens to me.

Then a little cute alien baby girl came close to me. She was matching my cry tune. She asked.

Why are you crying like me? Are you all copying me? You all are trying to make fun of me? My parents left me alone. Please, help me stop my tears.

And suddenly, listening to her, my tears turned into frozen ice. Instead of worrying about being left alone, I wiped off her tears. She pinched me and started laughing.

All those crying aliens around us were busy crying while we both were playing among ourself. Laughing, shouting, running.

There was a complete change in the environment. Slowly all those aliens started mingling with our “run and chase game.”

Nobody wanted to cry now. Everyone was laughing. Few left out, cry babies took time, but later they also stopped crying and were watching us play.This is how, from the very first day, the new friendship began.

Those bonds lasted long and still exist.

Reason for last longing bond

  1. It was not a give and take relation.
  2. There was no attraction involved at such a small age.
  3. Our hearts were pure. Not contaminated by the negativity of society.
  4. Innocence was the only chapter we had learned by that time

Now, looking into what I am today.

Let me see if I go to a similar situation where again everyone around me is like an alien.

I don’t know anyone except my college bag.

I am not crying this time. Society taught me “ nothing remains permanent. Things changes with time.”

Yes, a girl came near me (She was also not crying) but she asked me. Can you please ask the teacher to mark my attendance, I have my friend waiting outside the college’s main gate. It’s very urgent. I have to meet him.

Meanwhile, other guys( who were also not crying) were staring at me. A fresher guy, talking to a fresher girl.

Everyone was again alien for me.

But the question is. Did we all become friends? Did everyone joined, running together, laughing together, playing together ??

The answer is BIG NO.

This answer was not a NO for a very short span of time.

The “YES” for those answer extended from the day when that girl asked me for help to the last day of college with a little tolerance factor of +- 2 years.

  1. The girl remained friend till I helped her, marking her attendance.
  2. The boys who were staring at me got too friendly. The society taught them not to cry, when you grow but “ make good network, to approach the best you can archive”

Let us draw down conclusion from the above story itself.

  1. It’s easy to find friends who aren’t fake if the reason of friendship doesn’t exist. ( It happens only in childhood)
  2. It is hard to find friends who aren’t fake if everyone who surrounds you has a brain, which has been manipulated by the rules and regulation of Darwin’s theory of “ the survival of the fittest.”

That sums up the answer to your question. Hope you have a better picture now, Do let us know your views about this in the comment section below.




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