Marathon A day for next One Month: The Spain Bank Director tribute To INDIA

Indian Marathon star

Juan Manuel Viera, director of a banking office and amateur runner, will cross the Asian country to help the Vicente Ferrer Foundation.

A daily marathon, to complete a thousand kilometers, crossing India from
north to south, crossing chaotic megacities like Mumbai, natural parks full of
Tigers, bears and snakes, and temperatures that will touch the 40 degrees. This
is the challenge that Juan Manuel Viera has set, with a “motivating” objective: to
help the Vicente Ferrer Foundation continue to “achieve miracles” on its path
towards the eradication of poverty.

“This is one of the most important tests that one does in life”, says this bank
director of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria a few days before taking the flight that
has taken him directly to the adventure, an adventure for which he has
requested a one-month extension and the understanding of his wife and two

Juan Manuel Viera

“I have to put the family on a pedestal”, he laughs, the same humor that
tells that “people are surprised” that someone who works in banking does
something like that. “There is also humanity in the banks,” he adds without losing
his smile.
Juan Manuel, 48 years old, collaborated with the foundation through
sponsorship, until in 2015 they convinced him to see in situ the work that the
organization is doing in the Asian country: “You are shocked.” First, because
despite the conditions in Those who live and how complicated their day-to-day
Lives are, those people give us lessons in values. I was also shocked that the
foundation reaches more than three million inhabitants, but in the area, there
are 168 million in extreme poverty, so Much remains to be done, and in the
third place I was impressed by the situation of the Chenchus, a tribe whose life expectancy is 42 years. ”

This amateur runner returned from that trip convinced to be more actively
involved in humanitarian aid and created the Anantapur Ultramaratón, a
charity race that in January celebrates its fourth edition. To give precisely a
boost and promote the appointment of 2019 arises the new challenge that
started on Monday in Delhi and is expected to end around the 27th in
Bathalapalli, where Vicente Ferrer is buried.
‘One km, one life.’
The Anantapur Ultramarathon, under the motto ” One km, one life” and that
began with Juan Manuel as the only runner, has already 120 participants, has
allowed 630 Indian children to be sponsored and has raised 178,000 euros.
This year they made money to rebuild the town of Yerragunta: 36 families that
will have houses, a well, electricity and whose children can stop making a long
journey to go to school.

“These thousand kilometers are very focused on the two main objectives of the Anantapur
Ultramarathon: to sponsor as many children as possible and rebuild another village, ”
Explains this canary. That second village is called Sundaraiah and there live 45 families without houses, without water, without streets, without schools … “They are waiting for us, doing 42 kilometers a day is not going to be easy, physically or psychically, but that is my
better doping, “he says.

Juan Manuel has devoted many hours to training for a month in which he knows
that he will take his body to unusual limits, with tests, rather than speed, of
resistance. “To face this adventure one always moves between consciousness
and unconsciousness,” he admits.

Six hours a day of racing Each day will start at five in the morning, with approximately six hours of racing ahead. “I run a marathon in three and a half hours or so but here I have to dose, I can not go to the limit,” says this volunteer. From eleven o’clock on, he will devote time to cultural visits, meetings and to the starting point of the next stage. In the first part of the trip, every two days will take a plane and from the week and a half, those trips will be made in a vehicle: “In that second part we will do 120 kilometers a day, 42 running and the rest, by car”.

“Regarding the stays, in each place, we have two or three options, depending on
how the day is going to take place, in a margin of 20 kilometers we have
three different accommodations in which we can stay. villages but we also
have some alternative hotels, “he says.

If preparing such logistics has been complex, to Juan Manuel what worries him the most is to eat properly and get to ingest the 6,000 calories he will need. The possibility of bringing lyophilized food has been unfeasible so he hopes to The son of Van Damme, sentenced to 18 months of probation Emilio Aragón gets excited remembering Antonio Vega and ‘Family
Doctor’ To charge $ 0.75 as a barber to lead an empire in the world of aesthetics be able to eat many nuts, fruit, rice … trying to avoid spicy foods by all means.

In this experience, Juan Manuel is accompanied by Faustino León, who performs the victualling work, and Jaime Ramos, who is responsible for documenting everything. They have learned first aid and carry medicines and a safety plan prepared by two doctors. They pay out of pocket for a project that will range between 9,000 and 16,000 euros. “We do not receive anything, everything goes to the foundation”, highlights the promoter of the idea, who takes the opportunity to send the message that “the aid arrives” : “We have seen it, you see how things change and you realize that eradicating poverty is possible. ”





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