Raped With A pipe: Girl Goes in Critical Condition ( India )


Protest in New Delhi, India, on September 17, 2018, for the increase in rape of women and girls in the country, after a 19-year-old girl was kidnapped and raped by a gang.

raped with a pipe in india by gang

A 7-year-old girl who was raped with a metal pipe in New Delhi, India, remains in critical condition after undergoing surgery for the injuries caused by the assault, according to CNN.

A 21-year-old man has been arrested for his alleged involvement in the case, which occurred in the Shahdara district, in the northeast of the city, according to local police, who did not provide further details.

The president of the Women’s Commission of Delhi, Swati Maliwal, indicated, however, that the girl suffered extreme pain after the attack. “It is unfortunate that these rape cases are taking place in Delhi, and police resources continue to be extremely low,” he said. “She has a long fight ahead of us; we are going to support her in her legal fight to guarantee the death penalty to her guilty.”

This is one more violation of the many that had occurred in the country since a few years ago when there began to be an upswing in the attacks. One of the most mediatic and violent occurred in 2012, when six men grabbed a 23-year-old woman, immobilized her companion and raped her in turn while they beat her with an iron bar.

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